With Episode 24, Season 1 of "The Composer as Contemplative" is in the books! What a season it has been! We’ve covered quite a lot of ground, touching on everything from Barry Manilow and the "Copacabana" in Episode 1, to The Cure in Episode 2, Taylor Swift in Episode 9, and Depeche Mode in Episode 11. We looked at a new work that I’d written in Episode 13, and we’ve done deep dives into The History of Hymns (Episodes 3-5), the Second Vatican Council (Episodes 6-8), the composer Olivier Messiaen (Episodes 14-17), and the Ordinary of the Mass (Episodes 19-23). In a podcasting victory-lap, Episode 24 takes a tour of the most important points that we covered over this first season about the nature of liturgical music. Thank you for all of your support during this first season! Be on the lookout for Season 2 after the first of the new year.